GDPR? Data protection-compliant AI integration!

The successful use of ChatGPT & Co in day-to-day business.

At a time when data protection and compliance are becoming increasingly important, the integration of pre-trained language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT into corporate intranets represents an innovative solution. Our consultancy specializes in using this technology without data protection problems and even developing it further with the company’s own data. In this Insight, we take a closer look at a successful use case and show how companies can benefit from this advanced AI application.

The key to our success lies in the clever integration of pre-trained LLMs, which makes it possible to fully comply with data protection guidelines and legal requirements, in particular the GDPR. The option of further training with the company’s own data not only improves the adaptability of the model, but also increases the precision for company-specific requirements. Our focus is on a development process that enables the seamless integration of LLMs into the intranet without neglecting data protection. Customization through further training with the company’s own data enables the creation of tailor-made solutions for specific business challenges. The implementation of LLMs in internal company processes leads to considerable time savings in day-to-day business. Personalized LLMs efficiently check corporate compliance in new and sensitive documents, while facilitating the aggregation of large documents.

The annual savings in working hours through the use of personalized LLMs is impressive. This model not only enables effective verification of internal company compliance requirements in sensitive documents, but also significantly improves the quality of staff’s work. This use case illustrates how the use of ChatGPT & Co can increase the added value of AI in companies without data protection issues. The strategic integration of ChatGPT & Co into corporate intranets not only enables the efficient use of AI in day-to-day business, but also shows that data protection and compliance do not have to be neglected in the process. This innovative approach opens the door to new opportunities for companies and significantly increases the added value of AI applications.

Finally, we would like to remind you once again that data protection is more than just a strict law and should be practiced by companies as a competence that regularly offers competitive advantages.


Dr. Kay Stankov
Head Of Data Science & AI, Ainovate GmbH