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We offer expert guidance in analyzing your data and creating customized artificial intelligence applications for your business. Take the leap and launch your individual forecast using our tailor-made machine learning pipeline. Stay ahead of the game at all times.

Our mission

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We are dedicated to empowering businesses, not only by embracing digitalization but also by ensuring their long-term effectiveness and competitiveness. With our years of programming expertise, deep specialization in data science, and profound mathematical understanding, we are uniquely positioned. In this way, we optimize processes across all industries. Introduce yourself to us, and we will respond with a tailored AI solution that meets your needs.







Our services

We drive intelligent innovation forward.

Elevate your future by merging your expertise with the powerful insights generated by our innovative forecasting. Make informed decisions with utmost confidence. We offer holistic consulting services, accompanying you from the initial exploratory discussions to the seamless implementation of your AI application. Furthermore, we provide targeted support in advancing key milestones within your pipeline, ensuring continuous growth and success.

The process

Our optimized process chain for customized AI solutions: A glimpse into our workflow.

We are with you every step of the way, from data gathering to building your tailored machine learning pipeline. Throughout the entire development process, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience. By the end of this journey, you will possess a cutting-edge AI application that empowers you to make informed predictions, amplifying your expertise and enhancing your decision-making capabilities in your daily operations.

1. Get in Touch.

At the forefront is an introductory consultation, where we have the opportunity to get acquainted with one another. We understand the immense value of your data and approach it with the utmost respect, ensuring a trustworthy collaboration and robust data protection measures. From the very first conversation, we dive into your data, uncovering intriguing possibilities for harnessing it as a competitive advantage for your business.

Discussion of the data basis
 General conditions and scope of the project
Preparation of the individual offer.

1. Get in Touch.

2. Let’s get to work.

Finance, medicine, or the automotive industry – AI solutions generate significant value across diverse sectors. However, every industry possesses its distinct nuances. To meet your requirements effectively, we work closely with experts spanning multiple domains. Through collaboration with you and our team of data specialists, we bring your unique project to fruition.

Data collection
Data analysis
Development of the AI application

2. Let’s get to work.

3. Handover.

Our objective is to create a robust machine learning pipeline that enables you to make self-sufficient forecasts and operate independently. Once your AI application is developed, we provide you with the final product and engage in a comprehensive review of the results.

Project handoff
Training and guidance
Closing conversation and assessment

3. Handover.

4. Follow-Up.

The implementation of artificial intelligence is a continuous journey. With ever-evolving data, technologies, and algorithms, there are constant opportunities to enhance and optimize your machine learning pipeline. We empower you with customized training sessions, equipping you with the necessary tools to independently drive these improvements. Rest assured that you can always rely on our expertise for new and exciting projects.

Training sessions

4. Follow-Up.

We are Ainovate

Consulting, development, and process optimization with artificial intelligence. Data science, machine learning, and statistical analysis.

Data science, machine learning, and AI constitute the core of technological advancement both today and in the future. With our expertise in tackling data-driven challenges, we assist businesses, market research, and academia in gaining a deeper understanding of their data and utilizing it more effectively.

Use Cases

Discover how businesses and academia have already benefited from our AI applications:

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At this point, I would like to express my gratitude for the professional and constructive cooperation with Ainovate. As a professor at DHBW Mannheim, I am very interested in implementing further projects in the field of quantitative investment methods in addition to my teaching and research activities. I highly appreciate the reliability, expertise and commitment of Ainovate and look forward to further successful cooperation in the future.

Prof. Dr. Jonas Vogt

The thing that has impressed me most about Ainovate, and definitely ensures that I turn here again and again for collaboration, is the reliable and fast communication. No matter when I get in touch or what the issue is, I always find a contact person here right away and someone who prepares all my quantitative data in the best possible way so that I can concentrate fully on the content.

Hannah Kraus SIEDMedia

Our collaboration with Ainovate's Data Scientists has been extremely productive and effective for several months now. Thanks to their expertise and advice, we have been able to evaluate our research results from long-term imaging studies. We have been particularly helped by their personal commitment and flexibility. For these reasons, I can highly recommend the consulting services provided by Ainovate's Data Scientists!

Dr. Weimer


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