AI to protect the health of bee populations.


Faced with the pressing problem of bee mortality due to irregular parasite infestations, we developed an AI solution to provide early warning of potential threats to hives. A beekeeper from Austria sought our help and we recognized the importance of early detection to prevent irreversible damage.
Our team of experts in artificial intelligence and sensor measurements installed various sensors on the hives to collect bee behavioral data and environmental parameters. State-of-the-art algorithms were used to identify behavioral changes that could indicate a parasite infestation.
Our approach showed rapid success. Early detection made it possible to identify actual parasite infestations in some hives. The beekeeper was informed in good time and preventive measures could be taken before irreparable damage occurred.
By using deep learning based on sound sensors and the innovative transfer of predictive maintenance methods, it was possible to develop a system that warns the beekeeper of an infestation in good time, even before human senses would detect the problem.
Our work has helped to protect the health of bee populations and effectively support beekeepers in the management of their hives. The combination of AI and sensor-based early detection methods has drastically improved the problem of bee mortality due to parasite infestation and shows how advanced technologies can have a positive impact on environmental issues.


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