Precise forecasts of stock liquidity with machine learning applications.

Financial management

Thanks to the expertise of our Head of Data Science & AI, who has researched international financial markets, we offer innovative solutions for the cost-efficient design of emerging market equity portfolios. Our AI-supported tools and techniques enable precise forecasts of equity liquidity across all market phases.
Winner of the AEF Conference Finance Award 2022, our forecasts are based on machine learning algorithms such as gradient boosting and penalized logistic regression. Macroeconomic links to developed countries are used to materialize competitive advantages in the portfolios.
Our approach integrates dedicated work with clients and experts to take individual needs into account. Predictions are developed in close collaboration, using machine learning to accurately model the liquidity of stocks regardless of market phase.
By successfully using machine learning to predict costs in portfolio reallocations, we were able to reduce the annual trading costs of a German equity management company by a seven-figure amount.
Our accurate forecasts and cost-efficient solutions have not only led to an award, but also to a significant reduction in trading costs for our clients. The successful integration of machine learning into our strategies underlines our contribution to optimizing portfolio performance and costs.


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