AI Strategy

AI strategy consulting

Your roadmap to an intelligent corporate strategy.

A sophisticated strategy for the introduction of AI into your company and for the development of new products is essential. We provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of data collection, storage, management and analysis as well as the selection of suitable AI technologies and tools. This AI strategy enables you to drive forward your digital transformation in a targeted manner and develop new business models. By integrating AI applications into your business processes, we optimize your workflows and create a sustainable competitive advantage.
In addition, we carry out pilot projects with you in a controlled environment, the findings of which flow directly into a scalable implementation strategy.

Data culture

We integrate data into the DNA of your company.

Data culture describes the handling of data as a central element of your business strategy. A well-established data culture promotes data-based decisions and demonstrably increases the efficiency and competitiveness of your company. We work with you to integrate robust data expertise into your company and ensure data quality and security.

Our core competencies in the area of AI Strategy:
  • Development of an AI roadmap
  • Strategic AI implementation planning
  • AI market and competition analysis
  • Technology and infrastructure consulting
  • Change management for data culture transformation
Maximilian Schneider
Managing Director


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Frequently asked questions about AI strategy:

Implementing AI and data science can bring significant efficiency gains, cost savings and revenue growth for your business. It enables better decision-making through data-driven insights, automates routine tasks and improves customer engagement through personalized offers and services.
An effective strategy starts with a clear vision and objectives. We work with you to analyze your business goals and identify areas where AI and data science can add the most value. We help you invest in the right technologies and talent and foster a culture of data literacy and innovation.
AI and data science can be used in many areas of your business, including sales and marketing (e.g. customer segmentation, predicting buying behavior), fulfillment (e.g. predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization), finance (e.g. fraud detection, risk analysis) and human resources (e.g. talent management, employee retention).
By using AI and data science, you can identify market trends at an early stage, better understand your customers' needs and develop innovative products and services more quickly. This helps you to stand out from the competition and react more quickly to market changes.
Investments vary depending on the scope of the project. We can help you determine the costs for technology (hardware, software, cloud services), personnel (data scientists, AI engineers) and training. Pilot projects can be a useful way to assess the return on investment (ROI) before making larger investments.


Seize the opportunity of AI and always be one step ahead.

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