Data Science


Unleash the potential of your data.

Integrate new data sources with us, extent your database, and uncover hidden structures. The foundation of successful AI applications is comprehensive data competence. Reliable models can only be developed and implemented with professional data collection and cleaning. Therefore, we place great emphasis on high data quality and integrity within legal frameworks and your internal compliance. Our service portfolio includes data integration from various sources such as external databases, social media, or even news tickers. We employ technical methods such as web scraping or APIs to provide data in a structured form.

Statistical evaluation

Your data, our know-how in statistical methods.

Gain valuable insights into your company by applying statistical methods to customer and employee surveys, for example. Our expertise in statistics covers the entire process, from data collection to the methodology school to the complete evaluation with a variety of modeling approaches such as regressions or structural equation models. By using modern statistical methods, we can gain deeper insights into your data and derive well-founded recommendations for action. Be it for the publication of clinical studies, the improvement of therapeutic approaches or one of many proven possibilities in the business context such as quantitative market research.


Identify new patterns with state-of-the-art Data Science.

In addition to traditional analysis methods, Data Mining effortlessly allows the examination of large datasets for patterns, trends, and cross-connections. Other approaches, such as clustering methods, can identify new categorizations in your data. With these and other methods, data-driven recommendations can be derived, such as targeted advertising campaigns or key competencies in sales.

Our core competencies in the field of data science:
  • Data mining and pattern recognition
  • Web scraping and APIs
  • Data cleansing
  • Statistical modeling and hypothesis testing
  • Clustering
Carlos Lopez Granado
Data Science & AI


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Frequently asked questions about data science:

The data required depends on your specific use case. We help you to identify and collect both structured data (such as sales figures, customer information) and unstructured data (such as text, images). We use internal sources (e.g. CRM systems) and external sources (e.g. market research, social media, news tickers) and ensure that the data is relevant, accurate and up-to-date.
We analyze your existing IT infrastructures and identify the necessary upgrades, including high-performance databases, cloud services and specialized software tools for data analysis and machine learning. Data protection and security solutions are also an important part of our analysis and implementation.
We implement robust data management processes, including data cleansing, validation and monitoring. With ETL tools (Extract, Transform, Load) and data governance frameworks, we ensure that your data is consistent, complete and reliable. We also offer training and clear guidelines for data management.
We implement robust security protocols, including encryption, access controls and regular security audits. Using proven security solutions and tools, we protect your data and train your team in secure data handling to comply with the latest security standards and best practices.
We start with a needs analysis and target definition. We then collect and cleanse the required data or integrate existing data sources. We select the appropriate algorithms and (statistical) tools, develop and test prototypes and validate the results. Finally, we scale the solution step by step and implement continuous monitoring and optimization.


Seize the opportunity of AI and always be one step ahead.

Together, we will discuss your data basis and develop an AI & data science strategy for your company, which we will then implement for you. Use our contact form, send us an e-mail or contact us by telephone. We look forward to seeing you!

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