Forecasting demand using artificial intelligence.

Middle class

Our client was faced with the challenge of making the best possible use of its database of customer information and purchase history. Our strategy consulting focused on how artificial intelligence, in particular neural networks, can be used to accurately predict the future needs of customers.
By analyzing existing CRM data, we developed a model based on deep learning that is able to anticipate the future needs of customers. The use of neural networks enabled an accurate forecast, which formed the basis for personalized attention and improved customer service.
We trained the model with the historical data, taking into account the timeline, to ensure that it accurately and reliably predicts future demand and does not suffer from look-ahead bias. The focus was on accurately understanding and anticipating customer needs.
By modeling future demand, we were able to ensure that the customer's business partners were offered the products they needed in good time. This led to a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction.
Our expertise in the application of neural networks helped to fully exploit the value of the database and gain a competitive advantage. The AI-based demand forecast not only supports short and medium-term sales planning, but also offers a win-win-win situation for the company, the sales team and end customers. This use case shows that artificial intelligence does not have to replace people, but can provide ideal support in their work.


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