“Courage for Artificial Intelligence: Enlightenment, Myths and Facts.”

AI in German companies

Although statistical forecasts about the use of AI in German companies are promising, AI in our country – in comparison with other leading countries of this technology, such as the U.S. and China – still surprisingly slow. Only 2.8% of German companies currently use this technology. The contrast with countries like the U.S. and China, which are already leaders in AI, is striking. Let’s take a brief look at this issue.

AI advantages and forecasts

The benefits of AI are widely known: more support and decision support at work, relief from heavy tasks, better organization in the company, reduction of unemployment, etc. In addition, the forecast of an increase in productivity by almost 40 % by 2035 nationwide, and the firm conviction by more than 50% of managers about the competitive advantages of AI in Company. However, there is still some reservation if not A form of Ang Research implementation About AI in concrete use and the associated technical speculations about specific local and global effects in concrete associated technical speculations about specific local and global effects in concrete Many people think that the use of AI will automatically lead to an increase in the unemployment namely by replacing people with machines can lead, and that a phenomenon like Machine learning the seed of a progressive and unstoppable overcoming of human freedom in itself. AI forms for many people still no technological promise for a qualitative increase in the quality of human life and even no useful innovation in the world of work, but rather the sign of a transhuman catastrophe. It is important to consider the difference between myths and facts, both of which have their justification and meaning.

AI: Between myths and facts

The first data on the advantages of AI can be seen as Facts be seen. Although the reactions of lay people mostly myths are, have these a concrete place in any society, even in a secular context: they express a collective feeling, a concrete place in every society, even in a secular context: s The feeling in this case is discomfort, and the task is re-education to reduce the discomfort. American and also Chinese research on AI can be considered as a model: a mere scientific perfection and technical application of AI in so-called “high impact Papiere, on the contrary, qualitative research and successful measures are very often associated with ethical responsibility and politically sufficient decisions associated. For this purpose would be Among other things, an increase in the quality of news about AI is necessary. This means that companies are not just producing content about the application of AI from a pragmatic perspective, but also a kind of Knowledge platform for clarification Let those arise who do not have sufficient information to be able to to reflect appropriately on advantages and disadvantages. In order to avoid the tendency to common catastrophe myths, which are partially on a rather reproduce regressively and a Block concrete usability of AI in different settings in this way or prevent them from doing so, it is important to create measures for education and knowledge transparency.

Our credo

It is our credo that Germany more information (through virtual brochures, news, blog articles and virtual debates). sowie a hitherto hardly developed form of education for all strata of the population – through various kinds of contributions to AI – is needed. Statistical data must be compared with provided with an appropriate interpretation be used to improve the representation of the specific Potential and the concrete advantages of AI more precise and convincing enough to make Just as the new machines could not continue to develop without human input, a growing confidence in the use of AI from the combination between statistical data, factual interpretations and creative ethical reflection that are neither blind to issues that are worthy of discussion nor to and controversial topics still remains unilaterally closed to the development of this technology. One contribution to this development is our current event study, which aims to investigate the extent to which AI-based news on the German stock market exerts an influence on the price of securities and how sustainable such an influence proves to be.


Maximilian Schneider
Managing Director, Ainovate GmbH