Deep Learning to predict the demand of your customers;

Our client had a database with information about their customers and their purchase history, but they weren’t sure how best to use it; He was particularly interested in how often his customers made recurring purchases and whether it would be possible to predict their future needs.

Thanks to our expertise with neural networks, we were able to develop a model that did just that. We have analyzed the existing data and trained a model that predicts the future needs of customers. The result was impressively accurate and customers were delighted with the personalized attention they received;

By predicting future demand, we were able to ensure that our client’s business partners:in were always offered the products they needed before they even asked for them. This resulted in a significant increase in sales and satisfaction for all parties involved. Our expertise and know-how in the application of neural networks has helped here to fully exploit the value of the database and provide a competitive advantage. This case is a prime example of how artificial intelligence does not have to replace humans, but can ideally support them in their work.


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