Accurate forecasting of market phases and liquidity of stocks through Machine Learning applications.

Our Head Data Scientist has gained valuable experience in his external PhD by applying AI to the international financial markets. This expertise allows our AI consulting agency to access a wide range of tools and techniques to make emerging markets equity portfolio performance more cost-effective.

In 2022, this work was recognized by the AEF Conference with the Finance Award. The Machine Learning algorithms used by our Data Scientist, such as Gradient Boosting or Penalized Logistic Regressions, make it possible to forecast the liquidity of stocks as well as the short-term market phase. In doing so, macroeconomic linkages to developed markets were identified and leveraged to materialize competitive advantages in portfolios.

Thanks to our know-how and experience we can offer our clients unique and innovative solutions based on their individual needs and objectives; We work closely with our clients and experts to understand their needs and develop a successful strategy for their portfolio;


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