Our response to the problem of bee mortality using Data Science.

A beekeeper from Austria sought our help because he complained about the irregular and random parasite infestation of his hives. We were aware of the importance of early detection to prevent irreparable damage to hives and possibly bee populations.

Our team of experts in artificial intelligence and sensor measurements sat down to take on the challenge; We installed various sensors on the hives to collect data about the bees’ behavior and the environment. We used state-of-the-art algorithms to detect behavioral changes in bees that could indicate parasite infestation.

Our approach quickly showed results. We could see that some of the hives were indeed infested with parasites. Thanks to our early detection, we were able to inform the beekeeper and take measures to control the infestation before irreparable damage occurred.

Our work has helped protect the health of bee populations and assist beekeepers in managing their hives. We are proud that we could have a positive impact on the environment with our skills and know-how.


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