AI Engineering


We optimize processes with Artificial Intelligence.

The focus of our services lies in the field of AI strategy consulting, development, and implementation. Our expertise encompasses cutting-edge areas, including Machine Learning (Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning), Generative AI (GenAI) such as language models (LLMs), image processing, and many more. With Explainable AI (XAI), we make all these AI applications tangible and understandable for you.


Maintenance, demand, and revenue forecasts with modeling according to best practices.

In the field of predictive modeling, we develop forecasts based on the modeling results of an extensive training process. Thorough feature engineering is routine for us, extracting the maximum value from your data history. We generate additional indicators from cleaned raw data to learn structures such as trends, seasonality, or reversal effects. Moreover, we systematically address challenges like distortions in raw data and avoid the dangerous look-ahead bias in time series forecasting. This way, our forecasting provides you with the most accurate maintenance, demand, and revenue predictions.


„Are the contents of these 1,000 pages in line with our compliance policies?“ - Get a local GPT language model for your business.

We integrate a pre-trained language model (LLM) locally into your intranet environment, ensuring full compliance with data protection regulations. Depending on your requirements, we further train the local GPT application with your company’s proprietary data. Throughout these processes, we ensure the integrity of your data, allowing you to fully leverage the value of the language model. This results in saving numerous working hours weekly, unlocking capacities, and improving work quality. The illustration below depicts an exemplary dashboard for a GPT application with an integrated chat function.


Discover new insights through advanced image recognition technology.

Artificial Intelligence enables the real-time identification of texts, objects, and even complex scenarios based on images and videos. Our AI applications reliably recognize objects or features in fields such as medicine, industry, or transportation, categorizing them accordingly. Through the detection and localization of these features, AI-powered image processing also allows for the identification of anomalies. This capability facilitates the analysis of X-ray images, detection of production errors or avoidance of obstacles.

Our core competencies in AI Engineering include:
  • Process optimization
  • Predictive modeling
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Large language models (LLM)
  • Image recognition
Dr. Kay Stankov
Head Of Data Science & AI


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