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➲ Data Analysis

Uncover Valuable Insights from the Riches of Your Data.

At Ainovate, we place a strong emphasis on raw data analysis and visualization to lay the foundation for effective feature engineering – the process of generating new variables from your collected data.

Data Preparation.

Naturally collected data often contains systematic biases that can lead to poor modeling outcomes. Through targeted preprocessing techniques, we address these issues to estimate reliable models that provide you with valuable insights and discoveries. Our expert team specializes in data preprocessing to ensure that your modeling efforts are based on accurate and trustworthy data, leading to more robust and meaningful results.

Know-How & Best Practices.

Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and follows industry best practices across various domains to extract maximum value from your data. One critical aspect of data preparation is the transformation and normalization of variables. Through targeted transformation methods, we can address issues such as non-normal distributions, ensuring that your data adheres to the necessary assumptions for accurate modeling. We offer comprehensive support in analyzing your raw data, including powerful visualization techniques and the essential transformation of existing variables. This approach unlocks significant value by training unbiased models that yield meaningful insights.

Our core competencies in data analysis include:
  • Power transformations for skewed scales
  • Avoidance of look-ahead bias
  • Rolling and expanding window cleaning
  • Andrew curves
  • Smoothing techniques
  • Power BI app data visualization

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